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Professional HMPE Rope Supplier
Our HMPE rope is the strongest rope we sell and is ideally suited to high-load applications.

It is our high-performance rope produced by Hailun Rope and it is essentially the same as Dyneema Rope. This 12-strand high-strength rope is mainly designed for high load applications where ultra-low stretch is required.
It can be ordered in different diameters, with different choices of customized different colors, and customized cut to your required length from 2mm to 200mm.

For this rope, Zhejiang Hailun Rope Net co., LTD is the 《ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber rope ocean engineering platform》 and 《ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber, 8, 12 Strand rope, and braided rope》 China national standard main drafting unit.

Source your product from reputable rope manufacturers, pls mind that:
 You will get the best grade of fiber
 A rope Test and Inspection will be done to check the quality
 You will have technical support if required
What Is HMPE Rope

 HMPE is a chemical name for high modulus polyethylene, an increasingly popular material used to produce different types of rope.

 HMPE is an abbreviation of UHMWPE, which is known as ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene.

 It is a premium rope where exceptional strength and very little stretch are required.
 You may hear UHMWPE rope or HMPE rope also referred to as Dyneema®, which is a rope brand name. Dyneema® rope is made by DSM company in the Netherlands and it is promoted as being the worlds’ strongest fiber.
Wide Usage Of HMPE Rope
Lifting Sling
Lifting Sling
Mooring Rope
Traction Rope
Hmpe Cages
HMPE Rope Types & How To Choose

We offer a comprehensive range of HMPE starting with Dyneema which includes:
We also understand that not all projects allow the budget for Dyneema so we also manufacture a range of in-house HMPE rope in the same range. We also have extensive experience in the design and manufacture of this rope.

Our in-house HMPE fibers have all been sourced from long-standing and trusted suppliers, as well as quality-tested at our factory to ensure they meet the standards.
Professional HMPE Rope Solutions Provider
HMPE ropes of Hailun Rope are considered to be the best choice for marine applications and they can be the ideal proposal
 for the substitution of steel wire or synthetic ropes in the mooring lines of vessels.
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We can design and produce according to your project requirements.

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